Scope of Project

Final beneficiaries

persons granted refugee status according to the Law on Refugees (persons that fled to Serbia from ex-Yugoslav republics during 1990s armed conflicts)

internally displaced persons from Kosovo, both in the process of return and integration

persons returned to the Republic of Serbia according to the Readmission Agreement in the process of reintegration

This project will directly respond to the housing and employment needs of this marginalised groups.

Positive impact over the longer-term will be evidenced through:

  • Poverty reduction among the targeted population;
  • Improvement of social inclusion of marginalised groups;
  • Housing solutions for refugees, IDPs and returnees provided;
  • Improved quality of life of targeted population;
  • Economic self-reliance of the targeted group will be strengthened;
  • Integration or return of refugees
  • Improvement of living conditions or return of IDPs

The project will have an impact on the wider domestic population and the local community in terms of the provision of a better quality of life. Positive impacts on the budget (through decreased claims for family income support, one-off assistance in cash, etc.) are expected. Generally, the project will contribute to the better exercising of guarantied basic human rights. Development of self-employment programmes for forced migrants will encourage development of similar programmes at the local level intended for the domestic population.

Beneficiary Institutions

Direct beneficiaries of the project are the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia and the Office for Kosovo and Metohija of the Government at the Republic of Serbia who will receive direct assistance from the Consultant in monitoring and overseeing the Project implementation. Their role is to oversee the overall project implementation.

Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia
Narodnih heroja 4 St.
11070 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +381 11 311 72 72
Fax: +381 11 312 95 85

Office for Kosovo and Metohija at the Government
of the Republic of Serbia

Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 2 St.
11070 New Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +381 11 3111 019

List of collective center’s

Housing solutions will be provided for beneficiaries from the collective centers in the cities and municipalities of:

Bela Palanka – Hotel ES, Remzijana
Beograd – PIM Krnjača
Bujanovac – Stara ciglana, Salvatore, Dečiji vrtić
Pančevo – Center TO
Kladovo – Karataš
Kragujevac – Dečje odmaralište TRMBAŠ
Rača – Karađorev dom
Šabac – Varna OOCK
Vranje – Rasadnik